What you need to know about the Building Committees.

ection 28(1) of the Building Control Act, 2013 established a building committee at each District and Urban Authority. The National Building Review Board oversees, inspects and monitors the operations of the Building committees.

In case of a district, the Building Committee is composed of a Chief Administrative Officer, Town Clerk, Chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee of the District Council, the officers responsible for planning, Health, engineering, land management, environment management and architecture.

Others are, a representative of the persons with disabilities nominated by the National Council for Disability at the district level, an officer from the police department responsible for prevention and a member of the district executive committee.

The chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee of the District Council is the chairperson of District Building Committee.

For the Urban Authority, the Chairperson of the Urban Planning and Development Committee chairs the Urban Building Committee. The rest of the membership is similar to that of the District Building Committee.

Roles of the Building Committees

Section 29(1) of the Building Control Act, 2013 prescribes functions of the Building Committees as, scrutinising and approving building plans, issuing building and occupation permits, ensuring that the design and construction of buildings and utilities to which the public is to have access cater for person with disabilities.

Other functions include, reviewing decisions on applications for permits for minor building works submitted to a building control officer, ensuring that the Act is complied with and performing any other functions assigned to it by the Board.