The Unit is headed by a Senior Internal Auditor who provides professional support to the Board and the Executive in the soundness discharge of their responsibilities. The unit is tasked with providing assurance that the NBRB’s risk management, governance, and internal control processes are operating effectively. The unit is specifically  mandated to:

  1. Review, appraise, and report on the extent to which the NBRB’s assets and interests are accounted for and safeguarded in the operations, identifying areas of improvement and making appropriate recommendations.
  2. Review, appraise, and report on soundness, adequacy, and application of internal controls to realize value for money.
  3. Undertake special investigations on Financial and Operational anomalies of the NBRB.
  4. Carry out an independent examination of the efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of NBRB’s programs and, report on its impact on intended objectives.
  5. Evaluate and contribute to the soundness of internal control systems, Governance, and Risk management processes put in place by Management.