The department is headed by a Manager. It is tasked with leading the Investigations functions of the National Building Review Board. The department investigates suspected breaches of building control regulations and proactively works with complainants and the parties involved in the contravention of building control regulations to ensure compliance with the same. The Department is specifically mandated to:

  1. Process information, inquiries, and complaints regarding suspected breaches or contraventions of building control legal and policy frameworks.
  2. Issue reports on the inquiries and complaints recommending where necessary the course of action to take to address the contraventions.
  3. Identify and investigate unauthorized activities with regard to building or development that have the potential to cause harm or which pose a significant risk of irreversible harm to public amenities, health, safety, and the environment.
  4. Initiate enforcement action or issue enforcement notices where breaches of building regulations or where the risk of potential harm to the public or environment has been identified and evidence to support the same is considered admissible in court.
  5. Undertake assessments in respect of the appropriate procedure to be followed for all dangerous structures or unauthorized or unacceptable building activities to ensure safety and avert disaster; and
  6. Work proactively with the parties involved in the contravention of the building control regulations such as operators, landowners, etc. to encourage or bring about compliance with the building control regulations.