Who is liable in case of a collapsed building?

A Twelve Year jail sentence awaits those who contravene the Building laws In the recent past the public and the media has been awashed with cases of collapsing buildings mainly in Kampala, Wakiso Mpigi and Jinja.  Taking Makindye Division in Kampala as a case study, two buildings have collapsed in the last five months with […]

What you need to know about the Building Committees.

ection 28(1) of the Building Control Act, 2013 established a building committee at each District and Urban Authority. The National Building Review Board oversees, inspects and monitors the operations of the Building committees. In case of a district, the Building Committee is composed of a Chief Administrative Officer, Town Clerk, Chairperson of the Planning and […]

The legal regime for the building sector

Just like any other sector in Uganda, the Building Sector is also well regulated through several legislations. Right from the Colonial time, the building sector was regulated through the Public Health Control Act of 1935. Specifically Cap.269 of the Act prescribed imperial standards, fines, fees and penalties and excluded some materials and construction methods that […]