The Department is headed by a Manager. The major purpose of the department is to manage and support all procurement and disposal operations of the Board.

The Department is specifically mandated to:

  1. Manage all procurement or disposal activities of NBRB except adjudication and the award of contracts;
  2. Support the functioning and implementation of the decisions of the Contracts Committee;
  3. Liaise directly with the Authority (PPDA) on matters within its jurisdiction.
  4. Act as a Secretariat to the Contracts Committee;
  5. Plan the procurement and disposal activities of NBRB;
  6. Recommend procurement and disposal procedures;
  7. Check and prepare statements of requirements;
  8. Prepare bid documents;
  9. Prepare advertisements of bid opportunities;
  10. Issue bidding documents;
  11. Maintain a providers list;
  12. Prepare contract documen