The department is headed by a Manager. In accordance with the Act, NBRB advises the Minister on matters in the building sector including prohibiting and accepting unsafe methods and materials. Specifically, the department is mandated to:

  1. Initiate and promote programs for research and development in building technologies;
  2. Promote research and development of indigenous innovations for the purpose of facilitating indigenous knowledge systems in building technologies;
  3. Identifying, developing, and maintaining collaborations with academia and other research institutions in building technologies;
  4. Regularly evaluate the products offered by the building material suppliers to ensure they are still functional.
  5. Coordinate research, innovation, and development in the building industry on all aspects including materials, methods, technologies, and systems;
  6. Provide advice on Building Control processes, requirements, and procedures to ensure compliance; and
  7. Develop technical and regulatory capacity of all Local Authorities to discharge building control functions