The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer and is responsible for the overall strategic coordination, leadership, and management of NBRB. Specifically, the Executive Secretary is mandated to:

  1. Take responsibility for all decisions made on behalf of the NBRB in the exercise of its powers and in the performance of its functions such as legal finance administration Budgeting technical analysis and information technology;
  2. Implement the objectives, policies, and Programmes of the NBRB and report on them to the Board;
  3. Lead the mobilization of resources for the NBRB;
  4. Administer, organize, and promote the work/mandate of the NBRB;
  5. Lead staff development (Promotion, training) and disciplining of the officers and staff of the NBRB in accordance with their terms and conditions of appointment;
  6. Lead the development of an efficient and cost-effective internal management structure; and
  7. Provide strategic oversight in ensuring economy and value for money in sourcing, acquisition, and provision of goods and services.