Structure of the Organization

NBRB is an organization with a Board that provides oversight and a Secretariat responsible for the day-to-day operations.

The Secretariat consists of:

  1. Office of the Executive Secretary
  2. Directorate of Finance and Administration
  3. Directorate of Technical Services

The Minister

The Ministry of Works and Transport appoints the Board which is the governance organ of the Organization. The Minister may give directions of a policy nature in writing to the Board and the Board shall comply with the Minister’s directions. In accordance with the Act, the Minister may, in writing, delegate to the Chairperson of the Board any power conferred upon the Minister by or under the Act other than the powers in the specified sections of the Act that are excepted and upon such conditions as the Minister may specify.

The Board

The Board comprises of 16 members who are drawn from Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs), and local government; professional bodies (or associations) in the built environment; trade unions; and the private sector. The Board is the overall and final body of responsibility for all decision-making within the Organization. It is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Organization, approving policies, approving finances and budgets, work plans, and hiring the ES.