A building permit is the formal approval of building plans by the building committee for meeting the requirements of prescribed codes. It is an authorization to proceed with the construction or re design of a specific structure at a particular site, in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications.


Obtain a building plan from a qualified and registered architect containing his/her name, registration number and a copy of their practicing certificate, and his or her signature, and official stamp of the Uganda Society of Architects and in the case of an engineer, a certificate of good structural practice to be submitted together with your application, proof of ownership of land and your personal details.



Obtain a letter of introduction from the local LC1 of the area in which you intend to carry out building operations.



Apply to the building committee of the area in which you intend to carry out building operations.



Ensure that your application contains your name, physical and postal address, a copy of your land title or other proof ownership of the land on which the building operation is to be carried out.

Where the applicant is not the owner of the land on which building operation is to be carried out, they should attach the name of the owner of the land, the land title and proof of ownership of the land and a statement of legal relationship between the land owner and the applicant

A Building committee is obliged to review and issue a building permit within thirty days upon receipt of the application.

A building operations must commence within twelve months of issuance of the permit and must conclude within sixty months of the date of commencement of building operations. i.e the moment you receive your building permit, you have one year with in which to start construction work and a period of five years within which to complete your building. However, if in case of any unforeseen circumstances one is unable to complete their building within the prescribed period, they may apply to the building committee for the extension of their permit and the building committee shall not unnecessarily deny the application for extension.


Your application for a building permit may be rejected because your building operation may;

  1. may constitute a change in land use different from that for which the land is designated;
  2. may result in degradation of the environment in the area in which the building operation is to be carried out;
  3. may  cause  the  depreciation  in  value  of  adjoining  or neighboring properties;
  4. may result in a building which is unsightly or objectionable to the public;
  5. may result in a building which is a nuisance to occupiers of adjoining or neighboring properties;
  6. may be dangerous to life or property;
  7. may be located on a site which is filled up or covered with refuse or matter liable to decomposition;

A person who is aggrieved by a decision of a Building Committee may appeal to the Board within thirty days after the date on which he or she receives notice of the decision of the Building Committee.

However, the right of appeal to the Board does not take away the right of an applicant to appeal to a court of law and the court may confirm, reverse or modify the decision of the Board.


An occupation permit is a document that shows that one’s building has been erected in conformity with the approved plans and regulations. This is done to ensure that all buildings are safe for human habitation and are accessible by persons with disability in regard to public buildings.

The occupation permit is applied for upon completion of a building by notifying the building committee of the completion of the building in accordance with the approved plans and the regulations. After which the building committee will within fourteen days examine the building and if its satisfied that building plan and regulations have been complied with issue a building permit or refuse in writing stating the reasons for refusal to issue an occupation permit if it is not satisfied of the compliance of the building plan and regulations and in

Yes, one needs a building permit for minor building work. An application of this nature is addressed to the building control officer accompanied by sketch plan with dimensions.