National Building Review Board (NBRB) is the recipient of this year’s E- Government Excellence Award in recognition of being the outstanding E-Service of the year in Rural Development Sector. The Award was presented to the NRBB representatives at a ceremony held at Serena Hotel Kampala.

NBRB is a government agency under the Ministry of Works and Transport whose role is to monitor, supervise and regulate the Building Sector. Since its inauguration in 2018 the Board has established building committees in districts and urban authorities, investigated a number of building accident.

The Board has also introduced the Building Industry Management System (BIMS) an online platform automating all the building control services. BIMS is looked at a remedy to building accidents caused by disregard of the building laws and regulations.

It is for such successes that NITA-U recognized NBRB. The Board was also selected as the third best exhibitor during the E-Government Expo 2021.

This award comes days after NBRB won The Visionaries of Uganda Award as the Government Building Regulatory Body of the year for its contribution towards government efforts in achieving Vision 2040.

About NBRB

National Building Review Board (NBRB), is a corporate body under the Ministry of Works and Transport established by the Building Control Act, 2013. The Board was inaugurated on October 2, 2018.

NBRB is mandated under section 9 of the Act to monitor building developments, ensure design and construction of buildings are accessible by persons with disabilities, oversee and inspect operations of the buildings committees, prepare and submit reports to the minister on matter relating to the sector.

The Board also hears and determines appeals from persons dissatisfied with the decisions of a building committee and determines fees to be charged by urban and district building committees for approval of plans, issue of building permits and occupation permits.