The Investigations Team from the National Building Review Board (NBRB) has engaged leaders of Nebbi Municipality and students of Sunrise secondary school on fire safety measures.

On 31st May 2021, Nazareth House, a dormitory at Sunrise secondary school was razed down by fire leading to loss of school and students property.

Investigations by the NBRB, Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and Police Forensics concluded that a number of blunders arising from the electrical wiring of the premises caused the fire.

While disseminating the investigation findings to the school administration, the NBRB Investigations Team performed a mini fire drill with the students. A demonstration on the use of a dry powder fire extinguisher in putting out a fire was made before the students and some of the students were given an opportunity to try.

The team was in company of Nebbi District Police Commander (DPC) of and the Building Control Officer (BCO) of Nebbi Municipality.

The school administration was asked to continuously engage the students on fire risks, conduct fire drills, create students fire prevention clubs and locate and label a fire assembly point in consultation of a professional.

The school was further advised to acquire and install a fire protection scheme comprising a fire detection system and fire hose reels especially for the structures where the students are residing and to harvest rainwater to minimize the cost of fire fighting.

An Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) certified electrician was also recommended for the school to replace all existing wiring with UNBS-certified cables and provide earth block at incomer box and terminate cable from earth pit among others

The Deputy Headmaster Villa Ocungi noted that the school was undertaking some of the remedial measures such as replacing the faulty fuse links with miniature circuit breakers and ensuring fully surface conduiting for all electrical wiring.

Head Enforcement NBRB SP Magyezi Jaffar urged the students to be vigilant against their colleagues and ensure that fire risks are minimized in their dormitories.

“ You should desist habits that can increase the fire risk such as smoking, ironing, cooking and focus on your studies and avoid destructions”  He further advised.

Acting Manager Investigations NBRB Eng. Irene Kobusinge warned students against fighting any fires but rather utilize the fire fighting equipment to evacuate to a safe zone (fire assembly point) that the administration shall have identified.