Can a decision of the Building Committee or the Board be appealed?

The Building Committee can refuse to issue a building permit where a building operation my cause a change in land use, may result in degradation of the environment, may cause deprecation in value of the adjoining ore neighboring properties, may be dangerous to life or property, may result in a building which is a nuisance to occupiers of neighboring properties or doesn’t not comply with the requirements of the Building Control Act.

Where a Building Committee rejects an application for a permit, the committee must with in 30 days after receipt of the application notify the applicant giving reasons in writing for the refusal.

If an application is rejected a person may amend it as guided by the Building Committee and submit it for reconsideration.

In case a person is further dissatisfied with the decision of the Building Committee he/ she may appeal to the National Building Review Board, which supervises the committees. The appeal must be with in 30 days after the date on which he or she receives notice of the decision of the building committee.

If one is again dissatisfied with the decision of the Board, that person has a right to appeal to a court of law, which may confirm, reverse or modify the decision of the Board.