NBRB launches BIMS Public Awareness

National Building has launched a 3 months public awareness campaign of the Building Industry Management System (BIMS) an online platform digitizing all the building control processes.

The system launched by the minister of works and Transport Gen Edward Katumba Wamala in December last year is fully operation in 11 cities, 31 municipalities and the local governments of Wakiso and Mukono among others.

Using the system, a developer can now apply for building and occupation permits, commit the services of registered professionals, schedule for routine building inspections, pay building control fees and get instant feedback on the services request for online.

The public awareness campaign involves pre-recorded radio adverts running durin morning and evening prime time, from Monday to Friday and talk shows airing once month on Radio West, Etop, Rupiny, Arua One, KFM, CBS and Capital FM.

Aside from raising public awareness it is hoped that the campaign will increase revenue generation through having more people enrolled on the system.