Wearing IWC Portuguese 5001 Replicas

There are many things I consider when choosing which watch I will wear. Among these factors, I like to consider the movement housed within; I'm by no means excluded from non-in-house movements, but it's a nice bonus when the mechanics have been developed by the same people who replica watches brought the rest of the watch together. Another big factor I look at, which is probably the most important to me is the aesthetics. I like my watches to be clean and more classic in style rather than modern. Attention to detail is a must. For example, physically applied markers are more desirable than stamped; Hand painted is of course more than acceptable. I like my watches made in gold; titanium, ceramic and the other wide range of wild materials used today don't interest me that much.

Sizing is the next factor. I don't have a large wrist, so I was (thankfully) spared the 46-48mm trend currently happening. I usually wear a 36mm Rolex; however I have also owned watches in the 40-42mm range. A well-designed watch with adequate proportions is not the easiest thing to find. I have always admired IWC Portuguese 7 Days Replica. I love the balanced simplicity of the dial paired with the rather large display case back. I recently wore this watch and enjoyed it very much. Looking further, it meets the requirements I'm looking for: the dial is clean and comes standard with hand-applied markers, the movement is in-house, and this one in particular is a gorgeous shade of rose gold. What more could you want?

While the 42mm case is on the thicker side at about 15mm, it still fits nicely on my wrist when wearing a T-shirt or T-shirt. I would also like to point out that the dial is extremely easy to read. Even in low light conditions, the silver dial is easy to read with gold numbers. The 7 day power reserve lends itself well to being able to wear several watches but not having to worry about resetting the date and time. The power reserve indicator is a great feature that I feel most replica watches iwc replica should include. For me, it makes me feel connected to the watch as I wind it back or watch it run out of power during the day. Wearing a solid gold watch takes some getting used to, but this was very easy to wear. The iwc replica watch is complemented by a gorgeous brown strap that lends itself very well to casual weekend wear. With a suit though, the warm rose gold case proves beautifully to impress the time-asker. Even on my slim wrist, the gold deployment remains level and balances the watch perfectly. I find myself staring at it throughout the day, observing all the nuances of the dial and movement. Available in a variety of configurations, this piece starts around $13,000 and is a must-have for any seasoned collector.