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Inside the turbulent origins of collapsing buildings

By |November 9th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

Building accidents occur anywhere. In developed countries, buildings collapse mainly as a result of gas leak explosions, earthquakes and related changing climatic patterns, and a few times as a result of technical errors or even incompetence. But in Uganda, [...]

Mbarara building collapses days after warning

By |October 7th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

Mbarara city authorities say they will investigate the collapse of a seven-year-old building on Major Victor Bwana street last night. The three-storey building which is said to belong to a UPDF soldier developed cracks a few days ago and [...]

Only 22% of buildings meet building standards – Report

By |October 7th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

A survey by the National Building Review Board (NBRB) has indicated that only 22.7% of the buildings in 11 cities across the country, meet building standards. According to the report, while the overall compliance levels were below 25%, the [...]

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